Stepping outside of ourselves

When we are being called to do something new, different or challenging internal and external resistance can arise.

We may choose to avoid trying new things by saying things like “I’d like to but I just can’t find the time..” , “I’m just not in to that kind of stuff.”, “There’s no way I would be able to do that.. ”,Or “Last time this did not go as well as I had hoped..”. Resistance can be felt through judgement of others or the self as well.

The ego can create the most dramatic of excuses to avoid the opportunity for growth, transformation, and change. By recognizing when resistance is coming up in us we can break through the hold the ego has over us.

Taking a moment to quite the mind, go deep within the self and ask 3 questions:

Is this in alinement with my higher consciousness?

Am I coming to my edge or hanging out in the backround?

How is this of service to myself or others?

Quieting the mind takes time and practice. Luckily for us Yoga is the union of breath, body and spirit It is a fabulous way to begin the process of quieting the mind!

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